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For a diverse range of landscaping services, contact Diamond Kleen


Diamond Kleen’s services extend to a range of landscaping options that aim to get your garden or outdoor area looking neat and tidy.


We have access to modern and efficient technology, such as a moss removal machine for killing moss that is ideal for complex landscaping tasks.

Commercial Landscaping

At DiamondKleen, we take pride in our comprehensive range of services, and that includes offering top-notch Commercial Landscaping work for various establishments. Whether it's enhancing the outdoor spaces of office blocks, apartment complexes, hotels, or shopping centres, we bring our expertise and passion to create stunning and inviting landscapes.


We understand the significance of well-maintained outdoor areas in leaving a lasting impression on visitors, tenants, and customers. With our skilled team of professionals, we design and maintain landscapes that complement the unique identity and requirements of each property.


For a broad selection of landscaping services, contact Diamond Kleen

Grass Cutting

We offer quick and efficient grass cutting services, aimed at tackling both small and large lawns.

Our equipment inventory contains valuable tools such as ride-on lawnmowers that make large grass-mowing jobs feasible.


For reliable and efficient grass cutting services, contact Diamond Kleen

Hedge Trimming & Strimming

We keep garden areas of all sizes under control thanks to our professional hedge trimming and strimming options.

This can range from taking care of large and unruly hedges that are overgrown, to trimming that helps to give hedges a certain look-and-feel. We also perform necessary waste cleaning and garden maintenance.


For all your hedge trimming and strimming needs, contact Diamond Kleen

Weeding & Edging

Keep your driveways and garden boundaries looking tidy with our professional weeding and edging services.

Our professional team offers highly-qualified landscaping work, completing jobs quickly and for reasonable prices.


For reliable weeding and edging work, contact Diamond Kleen


Landscaping FAQ

Where can I find landscapers near me?

Diamond Kleen offers a range of landscaping services for customers throughout Ireland

What kind of landscaping services are available?

We offer grasscutting, hedge trimming, weeding, and more.

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