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Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

For professional deep cleaning that restores all kinds of properties, contact Diamond Kleen

Deep Cleaning

Sometimes typical cleaning jobs are not enough for certain properties.

At Diamond Kleen, we offer deep cleaning services that completely restore your property or business premises to brand-new condition. Our services are reliable, affordable and customer-focused to ensure you are happy with our finished work.


For reliable and customer-focused deep cleaning services, contact Diamond Kleen

Gym Cleaning

We have our gym cleaning down to a standard process, ensuring we complete the job as quickly and efficiently as possible.


We sanitise and completely wipe down all of the equipment. This includes punching bags, mats, windows, ledges and more.


We also provide a deep clean on bathrooms, tiles and shower cleaning. Weekend work is available as an option in order to ensure minimum disruption to your business.

Deep Cleaning

For gym cleaning that is extensive, affordable and completed as fast as possible, contact Diamond Kleen

Office Deep Cleaning

Office deep cleaning is ideal for restoring your premises back to optimal conditions, keeping you and your employees happy while working.

We take care of hoovering and dusting everything down, ensuring that all dirt is removed from the premises and your business remains clean after work is completed.

Deep Cleaning

For office deep cleaning that restores it to its best condition, contact Diamond Kleen

Deep House Cleaning

We provide deep house cleaning services for all kinds of houses, ranging from two-storey family homes to nursing homes.

We tackle issues such as mould or rust build-up on pipes or walls, as well as appliances such as microwaves. Each job can be customised to fit your needs, and we can tackle all areas in your household.

Deep Cleaning

For a customisable and thorough deep house cleaning service, contact Diamond Kleen


Deep Cleaning FAQ

What kind of deep cleaning services are available?

We offer deep cleaning services such as deep house cleaning, office deep cleaning and gym cleaning.

Where can I find deep cleaning near me?

Diamond Kleen offers its deep cleaning services throughout Ireland, to all counties.

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