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General Maintenance

General Maintenance

For a diverse range of soft landscaping services, contact Diamond Kleen

General Maintenance

Our general maintenance services range from small tasks like repairing light fixings to large-scale projects like bollard installation or removal.

Regardless of the scope of the task, we promise to carry out all projects with the same customer-focused and professional mindset.


For all aspects of general maintenance work, contact Diamond Kleen

Bollard Removal & Installation

We are experts in repairing, replacing or installing bollards around your property.

We typically work on metal and hard plastic bollards, and take great care when removing or installing them to ensure they are not damaged.

General Maintenance

For professional bollard removal and bollard installation work, contact Diamond Kleen

Cementing & Painting

Diamond Kleen are lucky to have a qualified tiler on our team. We are able to take care of all kinds of cementing work, such as repairing holes in the paths surrounding shopping centres.

Through collaboration with a third-party partner, we are also able to offer painting services for retail units and houses. Please enquire if you would like to learn more.

General Maintenance

For all manner of cementing and painting jobs, contact Diamond Kleen

Shutter Cleaning

We perform thorough and extensive shutter cleaning services for shopping centres.

We promise to ensure that all of your shutters are free from dirt and debris that could impede their operation on a daily basis.

General Maintenance

For extensive shutter cleaning for shopping centres, contact Diamond Kleen


General Maintenance FAQ

What kind of general maintenance services are available?

We offer bollard removal and installation, shutter cleaning and cementing work.

Where can I find shutter cleaning near me?

Diamond Kleen offers shutter cleaning services to customers throughout all counties of Ireland.

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